Onka is quoted to 6 licenses per day.
The license in valid from 12.00 (noon) to 12.00 (noon) the following day. Fishing is only allowed from the shore. If licenses are not included in our packages you can purchase your fishing license at: VildmarksMekka in Pajala (Onka and Zone 2) Phone +46 (0) 70 88 33 243. Ica nära Holmas livs in Kangos (Zon 2) Phone +46 (0) 97 83 20 04
Prohibited fishing in Keräntöjoki and Olosjoki. Children and Teens up to age 18 fish for free in Zone 2.
Fishing from boat in Zone 2 is only allowed for: People living by the river within fishing boarders, People who own a cabin within the fishing boarders.
Allowed between June 1st and August 31st. Limited catch of 1 salmon per day and 3 salmon per year per person. All female salmon must be released during the month of August. Minimum kill size is 50 centimeters. Salmon hooked during the prohibited period or after one salmon is already caught must be returned into the water, dead or alive! During the month of August all female salmon must be returned into the water, dead or alive and any male salmon kept must be between 50 - 70cm! All types of fishing with live bait, is NOT allowed. All types of spin fishing with added lead weights is NOT allowed. Fly fishing must stick to hook sizes 6 or smaller. All methods of faul hook fishing, is NOT allowed. Anyone caught practising these methods will be blacklisted and banned for life!
All trout must be released, dead or alive!
Maximum 2 grayling per day per person. Minimum kill size is 35 centimeters. Fishing for grayling is prohibited from April 15th to May 31st, FIFS 2004:37. Fish smaller than minimum size or faul hooked fish shall be unconditionally returned to the water dead or alive, It is not allowed to keep fish, even when when injured or spent.
It is very important to have complete statistics of captured and released fish. Therefore you are obligated to report your catch (salmon) within 24 hours. This is compulsory for the whole season. Fraudulent reports will result in an instant suspension! You can report your catch by email at: [email protected] or by texting to: +46 (0) 70 88 39 323
Etiquette is very strict and must be followed! Never touch a fish with dry hands. The fish must stay in the water while you carefully unhook it with needle nose pliers. If the hook does not come out with ease, the barb of the hook shall be cut and the bare hook shank removed. A spawning fish is worth more than a hook!
Never bring the fish onto the bank, grass, gravel or otherwise, as this can destroy the protective mucus of the fish that prevents disease. Only remove the fish from the water for few second intervals for photographs. The fish must always have an oxygenated water supply. Never lift the fish by the tail only, as this can damage the spine of the fish and never through the gills as both gills and gill covers damage easily.
Support the fish under the belly and steady carefully by the tail. Massaging the belly helps to expel excess air in the swim bladder. Make sure that the fish can “stand” by itself facing upstream before letting it go. Never rock the fish back and forth, this only forces unwanted water into the airwaves.
Care should be taken in cold water, to handle fish as little as possible, as Salmon can burn easily during these conditions! During high water temperatures fish must be played out quickly, so as not to wear the fish out completely, lactic acid can easily overwhelm a fish in high temperatures.
Proper care in releasing a fish can make all the difference to it's survival, the amount of time taken releasing a fish following these procedures does not matter, better to take your time and allow the fish to fully recover. A strong kick, a splash in the face and a drop of your hat saluting a beautiful creature as it heads back into the river and everyone has a fantastic day!
For everyone’s well-being, respect each other and the restrictions. One step downstream between each cast, do NOT occupy a pool, without leaving room for other fishermen! Do not keep more fish than you need, cooperate with the supervisor and help us to fight illegal fishing! Keep Sweden clean pick up your trash! Remember! People caught breaking the rules will receive a ban for the rest of the season and may lead to a permenant suspension! 
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